Feedback from Our Clients

Matthew Lacey, Executive Director

George Pocock Rowing Foundation
"Cory’s involvement through our transition was pivotal. He quickly earned the confidence of our board and staff, and put together a thorough plan for a much healthier and stronger organization. He was particularly valuable to me in my transition to Executive Director. His experience, academic knowledge, and astounding network of connections in the nonprofit sector had a profound impact that has enabled not only organizational growth but personal and professional growth as well. Cory is someone I’ll retain as a mentor and I hope for the opportunity to work with him again. "

Jim Theofelis, Executive Director

The Mockingbird Society
"I fully recommend Cory and Turnpoint Consulting in the never ending challenge for strong organizational health and results. Cory has been instrumental to me, my senior management team, and our Board of Directors. Cory brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise matched with a professional style that supports, challenges, and strengthens all involved. The Mockingbird Society is proud to have Cory as a consultant and will continue to rely on him for current and future work."

Katie Briggs, Managing Director

Laird Norton Family Foundation
"Cory is an excellent facilitator. His advance preparation and strong listening skills enable him to work well with a wide variety of personalities and effectively move groups to outcomes that work for everyone. He is particularly skilled at synthesizing complex conversations and ensuring valuable contributions from all participants in a conversation. Cory takes and gives feedback well and, above all, is invested in the success of his clients."

Kristen Spangler, Director of Operations and Finance

Women's Funding Alliance
"Cory approached his interim post at Women’s Funding Alliance with a great deal of thoughtfulness. By building strong relationships with board and staff, he advanced both existing work and new projects that evolved during the leadership transition period. He balanced the need to be future oriented and to guide the executive director search process with the need to address operational needs in the present. It’s clear to me that the foundation he established during his time at Women’s Funding Alliance is part of what led us to so successfully transitioning to our permanent executive director and the progress we’ve made under her leadership. I’m so glad for myself and the organization that we had the opportunity to work with Cory!"

JoAnn Mills (Marshall), Former Board President

Women's Funding Alliance
"I was the board president of Women’s Funding Alliance when we navigated a change in executive leadership. The board held responsibility for two of the most significant tasks boards can face – to steady the ship and hold the course as we took on the significant work of searching for and selecting a new executive director capable building on the success of the former leader and taking the organization into the future. Our first step was to engage Cory as interim executive director, and it made everything else possible. Cory helped us do more than steady the ship. His goal was to strengthen our operations and administrative functions so that the incoming executive director would be free to focus on the most strategic aspects of leading forward movement as quickly as possible. He accomplished that goal even as he staffed a smooth executive search process. Board members, volunteer committee members, and staff enjoyed working with Cory as much as we appreciated his professionalism and competence. I am happy to recommend Cory to any organization that needs the unique and critical role of interim executive."

Bill Thomas, Former Board President

Alexander Hamilton Friends Association
"Cory was instrumental in helping Hamilton Friends formulate a plan for hiring a new Executive Director while at the same time addressing the need to deal with our founder’s transition. His engaging demeanor, reflective approach, and critical insights helped us focus our energies to ensure successful outcomes in both areas."

Rae Levine, Nonprofit Interim Executive Director and Consultant

Rae Levine Consulting
"When I moved my consulting practice to Seattle, Cory was generous with his time and extensive knowledge of the local nonprofit community. I continue to appreciate having the benefit of his vast experience and wisdom. As a colleague, I know I can count on him for clarity, quick-minded focus on what’s important, and thoughtful perspective, with a touch of humor to make any interaction a delight."

Linda LaMar, Board Chair

Pasado's Safe Haven
"Turnpoint has an uncanny knack for providing exactly the level of information for the matter at hand. For us, this has ranged from customized training and fielding strategic questions to offering practical and timely advice on the complicated aspects of running a nonprofit. Cory is highly adept at grasping the nuance behind a situation and providing the keen, relevant insight that you look for from a consultant, without any trappings or gimmicks. When I was new to my role as Board Chair, I relied on Cory as a trusted source to help navigate to good outcomes. He is an invaluable advisor with an excellent network in the nonprofit world!"

Theresa VerWey, Board President

Literary Source
"Cory brought his firsthand knowledge of executive leadership to advise Literacy Source about the challenges and opportunities inherent in replacing our founding executive director. His insights and guidance helped us make a successful transition. Despite the size of our organization and limited budget, his consultation was thorough, thoughtful, and all-encompassing. He grasped our key concerns quickly and respectfully. What stays with me is his keen intuition about our mission and the search team’s vision for a new executive director. He encouraged our impulse to include all voices in our search – staff, board, volunteers, and students – and stressed the importance of a long-range thought process that began with an organizational assessment. I’m left with a general sense of Cory’s wise listening, deep insight, and impressive breadth of experience."

Dr. Karen A. Johnson, Program Director

"Cory has offered considerable insight on governance, board development, and nonprofit leadership principles to many organizations in Thurston County. We are thankful for his contributions in supporting our efforts to increase organizational stability and effectiveness among organizations serving Thurston County youth."

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imgFrom Lynn Coriano, Deputy Director, Social Venture Partners

"Turnpoint has long been a trusted resource among Social Venture Partners and the nonprofits we serve. Cory has provided valuable strategic guidance and management to a number of grantees over the past several years. He is one of the first consultants we recommend when an organization is facing a critical decision or embarking on challenging, transformational work."
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