Feedback from Our Clients

Tara Smith, Executive Director

Seattle Works
"Cory brings a valuable blend of deep academic knowledge, practicality, and a get-it-done mentality. As an instructor, he provided concepts and models that have stuck with me and continue to influence my work. As a consultant, I’ve watched him effectively move teams through projects, knowing when to take the lead and when to support board and staff members in their leadership. He’s prompt, responsive, and a clear communicator who cares deeply about our sector."

Ann Krumboltz, Executive Director

Brainerd Foundation
"I served on a board that hired Cory and his Turnpoint team to help us through a tough and complex challenge. The expertise that Turnpoint deployed was exemplary. In my 35 years of working in the nonprofit community, I have rarely seen such a high level of skill so aptly applied. Cory possesses an organizational mastery, as well as strong people skills. He is professional and even-keeled to his very core. Working with him was a privilege."

Claudia Stelle, Executive Director

Coyote Central
"Cory has an uncanny ability to see each new organization’s issues with fresh eyes. He offers insights and recommendations with exceptional clarity, and his efficient use of time made our organizational capacity assessment both effective and economical. He brings fundamental good sense to every issue."

Gregg Small, Executive Director

Climate Solutions
"I have worked with Turnpoint on several projects over the past several years at Climate Solutions, including strategic planning and personal coaching. Cory is outstanding. He is smart, professional, and a joy to work with. I am a better leader because of my work with Cory, and our organization is much stronger because of his strategic input."

Han Nachtrieb

"As the board chair of a nonprofit beginning a merger process with two other strong organizations, I hired Turnpoint to guide us. Each organization had its own culture and business model, and the potential for friction was high. Cory’s advice and facilitation during this process was exceptionally effective, particularly in forming one high function board out of three. Once merged, we valued the sum of the differences, the diversity, and the best practices of each person and each organization. Working with Cory was rewarding and positive; many of us remain friends years later. He is a scholar, leader, and advisor, indefatigable, and gracious. I have since hired Cory for another project with the same great result."

Paul Shoemaker, Executive Connector

Social Venture Partners Seattle
"Cory has been connected to our work and the work of our grantees for more than a decade. At several critical moments in our organization’s history, we have sought his counsel on matters related to organizational structure and strategy. I can always count on his candid approach, thoughtful insights, good humor, and commitment to rigor."

Stephanie Axelrod, Vice President, Community and Strategic Initiatives

Seattle Children's Research Institute
"Cory facilitated two summits for Seattle Children’s Research Institute leadership. He led us through challenging financial discussions while engaging all members of leadership in the decisions. He skillfully established a level of trust with this team, and was able to expertly lead us to critically important strategic decisions."

Justice Bobbe Bridge (retired), Founding President and CEO

Center for Children & Youth Justice
"Cory assisted us through a very critical time in our organization’s development. He engaged and guided our staff and board through difficult decisions and was an invaluable resource for me. Cory’s advice is consistently timely, thoughtful, and pragmatic. I look forward to having Cory as a long-term organizational consultant for CCYJ."

Susan Fairchild, Board Chair

World Affairs Council
"Cory has a gift for bringing clarity to complex nonprofit challenges. With his guidance, we were able to easily navigate the process of finding an interim CEO."

Megan McNally, Director of Advancement and Chief Development Officer

Washington State Bar Association
"I have served on two transition teams when Cory was serving as an interim executive director, and have referred him for this role many times since. Cory is uniquely gifted at providing clarity and guidance to boards, staff, and key stakeholders during times of change. He brings an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience to navigate all kinds of challenges."

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imgFrom Lynn Coriano, Deputy Director, Social Venture Partners

"Turnpoint has long been a trusted resource among Social Venture Partners and the nonprofits we serve. Cory has provided valuable strategic guidance and management to a number of grantees over the past several years. He is one of the first consultants we recommend when an organization is facing a critical decision or embarking on challenging, transformational work."
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