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We work with great people and organizations. From equality to the environment, our clients are working to improve lives in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
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Our Clients


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Theresa VerWey, Board President
Literary Source
Cory brought his firsthand knowledge of executive leadership to advise Literacy Source about the challenges and opportunities inherent in replacing our founding executive director. His insights and guidance helped us make a successful transition. Despite the size of our organization and limited budget, his consultation was thorough, thoughtful, and all-encompassing. He grasped our key concerns quickly and respectfully. What stays ...” Read more
Ann Krumboltz, Executive Director
Brainerd Foundation
I served on a board that hired Cory and his Turnpoint team to help us through a tough and complex challenge. The expertise that Turnpoint deployed was exemplary. In my 35 years of working in the nonprofit community, I have rarely seen such a high level of skill so aptly applied. Cory possesses an organizational mastery, as well as strong ...” Read more
Participant, Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute
University of Washington
Cory was amazing as the lead instructor for the Institute. He understands the key issues and opportunities facing the nonprofit sector, and makes the difficult challenges seem easier to navigate. ...” Read more
Gregg Small, Executive Director
Climate Solutions
I have worked with Turnpoint on several projects over the past several years at Climate Solutions, including strategic planning and personal coaching. Cory is outstanding. He is smart, professional, and a joy to work with. I am a better leader because of my work with Cory, and our organization is much stronger because of his strategic input. ...” Read more
Claudia Stelle, Executive Director
Coyote Central
Cory has an uncanny ability to see each new organization's issues with fresh eyes. He offers insights and recommendations with exceptional clarity, and his efficient use of time made our organizational capacity assessment both effective and economical. He brings fundamental good sense to every issue. ...” Read more
Aaliyah Gupta, Former Board Chair
Cory's intelligence, experience, acuity, and sense of humor made him the perfect Interim Executive Director for Chaya. He led us through our Executive Director transition with great skill and, in the process, helped strengthen our organizational capacity. We value his leadership, his commitment to social change, and the contributions he continues to make to our work. ...” Read more
Jennifer Brandon, Former Executive Director
We hired Cory to design and facilitate our organization’s annual staff-board retreat. We’d grown considerably in the previous year and had arrived at yet another ‘turning point’ in the organization’s life cycle. We needed to design a focused retreat that left everyone feeling that their time was well-spent and gave me, as executive director, clear directives for the coming year. ...” Read more
Dr. Karen A. Johnson, Program Director
Cory has offered considerable insight on governance, board development, and nonprofit leadership principles to many organizations in Thurston County. We are thankful for his contributions in supporting our efforts to increase organizational stability and effectiveness among organizations serving Thurston County youth. ...” Read more
Linda LaMar, Board Chair
Pasado's Safe Haven
Turnpoint has an uncanny knack for providing exactly the level of information for the matter at hand. For us, this has ranged from customized training and fielding strategic questions to offering practical and timely advice on the complicated aspects of running a nonprofit. Cory is highly adept at grasping the nuance behind a situation and providing the keen, relevant insight ...” Read more
Rae Levine, Nonprofit Interim Executive Director and Consultant
Rae Levine Consulting
When I moved my consulting practice to Seattle, Cory was generous with his time and extensive knowledge of the local nonprofit community. I continue to appreciate having the benefit of his vast experience and wisdom. As a colleague, I know I can count on him for clarity, quick-minded focus on what’s important, and thoughtful perspective, with a touch of humor ...” Read more